Walter Reed Medical Center

Each month I make walker/bed bags, port pillows, seat belt pillows, and many other items for Walter Reed Medical Center. They are handed out to patients in 15 wards for them to use during their stay and keep once they are released. Each batch is mailed to an American Red Cross Volunteer in Maryland who consolidates the items and distributes them.

We could use some handmade notes that can be added to the handmade items. They can be any design with a written encouragement. They should not be larger than 3×5 inches and not smaller than a business card (2×3 1/2 inches) so they can be added to the package containing handmade items. Below you will see an example of some amazing note cards sent in by Ms JoAnn.

2018-10-10 07.20.29.jpg

Remember that Walter Reed also takes care of dependents, not just military members and veterans. So please make cards that are not directed to military personal but to anyone. For example, use Get well soon or You can do this rather than Thank you for your service.

Packages are mailed out monthly to the American Red Cross POC so they can be distributed to the patients at Walter Reed Medical Center.

Mail all items to:
Paying It Forward Beading
MF: Walter Reed Project
149 Eulon Loop
Raeford NC 28376

Here are some items we have made in the past and sent to Walter Reed.


These is a year round project that I do. Below you will find some flyers you can share on social media or print and post locally.
What a great project for you and others to do for our Heroes at Walter Reed Medical Center.


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