Making things for others who have to do home care for their illnesses is something I love to do. Now keep in mind I am not an expert seamstress, but know enough to get by.

On this page you will find links for tutorials for various projects you can make and share with others. Great to do as a project for local hospitals or even someone you know. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Port Pillows are great for anyone with a port for medications. Usually they are on their chest in an area that seat belts tend to go right over. These little pillows help ease the pressure so that it is less painful.
Click HERE for the tutorial

Tutorial on how to make a IV Cover and matching tube clips.
Click HERE for the tutorial.

Thank you for visiting this page. This nonprofit runs on donations and allows me to continue making items for Walter Reed Medical Center. Please consider leaving a donation so that I can continue to pay it forward and give back to our nations heroes. My goal is to bring awareness to PTSD and Veteran suicide, we are losing too many of our Veterans.