Local Community Events

Part of my mission is to give back to my local community, want to be a part of what makes the community a good one. We knew little about the surrounding areas of Pope AFB and Fort Bragg, so during our search for homes we find a quaint ranch house far enough from the base to give us the privacy we needed but close enough to get to work and close enough to shopping centers. We chose to live in this area, our first time living off post and our house in Raeford felt like home as soon as we stepped inside.
I was born in Kansas, raised in Texas and spent most of my career in the south. Even as a child a place never felt like home, it was just a place to be. While serving, our house on post was just that, a house. Yet, our little home in Raeford was a home. A home I had wanted all my life. When retirement came around and once I was able to put myself back together and started PIFB, I knew that doing something in my community was a MUST.

I am so thankful that I was able to connect with the Hoke County Senior Center and Hoke County Public Library so that I can share my mission and do crafts with the people in my community.  Below you will see photos from some of the local events.


Bookmark Making Day
Hoke County Senior Center
17MAY 2018

We made bookmarks with scrap paper, ribbon and fun stickers with the Senior Center. Everyone  had a great time.

Sun Catcher Day at Hoke County Senior Center
14 JUN 2018

Great day with Hoke County Senior Center! We had lots of fun making 24 sun catchers!!! It is a bit of a messy craft but everyone had a good time. In two weeks we will have them returned so everyone can hang them up in their homes.

Hoke County Library Family Fun Day Event
30 JUN 2018

Hoke County Library invited me to be a part of the Family Fun Day. Crafts were being done in the conference room and a movie was playing too. I was set up in the History Room so I could help people make a fabric lip balm key chain.


Hoke County Library Family Fun Day Event
14 JULY 2018

Another great time with the Hoke County Library patrons. We made travel tissue holders. Thank you all who came by to chat and craft. HUGE thank you to my son who was home on leave and helped me set up and to Jen who helped me during the event. ________________________________________________________________________________

Family Fun Day at the Hoke County Library
18 AUG 2018

We made bunnies for this event. Patrons selected their bunny and then stuffed with polyfil. We cut ribbon pieces so that a poem could be attached and then we closed the bunnies. 50 blanks were available and almost all bunnies found new homes! Thank you to everyone who came by and HUGE thanks to Jenn, Mckayla and Ms Glenda for helping me today.


Paperclip Bookmark with Hoke County Senior Center
23 Aug 2018

Had a great time making paperclip bookmarks with everyone today. We made almost 100 and had so much fun. My son volunteered with me and he kept everyone laughing. Thanks Cam!


Family Fun Day at the Hoke County Library
20 October 2018

Great day making tote bags at the library. Met some wonderful young Girl Scouts! Hope they get interested in sewing.


If you are interested in having me come to your group to do something similar, please feel free to email me at payingitforwardbeading@outlook.com and we can set up a date/time to talk.


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