IV Cover and Tube Clip Tutorial

This tutorial will help you make a IV Cover for a 1000mL bag and two tube clips using one Fat Quarter Square.

Most fat quarter squares are 18×21, some are a bit larger others a bit smaller but with the FQS you will be able to make this set.

You will need to have standard machine sewing items like a sewing machine, iron, cutting mat, scissors and the like. Since I am sure many who will attempt to do these are familiar with machine sewing , I will not list every item you must have.

For this project you will use a 1/4 inch seam allowance and 2.5 seam width for your sewing unless specified in the instructions.

First step is to choose your FQS. Iron your FQS so that when we begin to cut, there will not be any creases that can make your cuts crooked.

Here are your cut pieces you will need for this project. After ironing your FQS cut one large piece at 16×18 inches and the remaining piece will be cut to 4×9 inches. Be sure to square them off so they are as straight as possible. This leaves very little scrap or trash from the FQS. Iron the fabric again just to keep the wrinkles to a minimum.

The first thing we will work on is the tube clips. See below photo instructions to help with the next step. Making the tube clips this way will keep you from having to turn them out. Something I do not like to do. If you have another way that you are comfortable with, do it. Your tube clip will be 1 inch wide and 9 inches long.

Fold both strips in half , right sides together.

Bring in your sides wrong side together to the center seam you just ironed. Do this for both sides.

This is what it will look like when you do your ironing. Pin or clip your tube so you can get ready to sew.

This is your ironed tube clip piece. Sew 1/4 inch seam allowance on both ends.

Here is what the tube clip will look like once you have sewing each end. Clip your ends to prevent bulky seams and turn the tube inside out.

Here you have the tube with clipped ends and a tube turned out. Once you turn them out, poke out the corners so they are set and iron the tube.

Tube on left is ironed and corners popped out. Sew all around the tube with an 1/8 seam allowance. This closes the tube and strengthens the ends. See photo on the right.
When you sew both tubes, set these aside for now and we will finish with hardware once we are further along with the IV Cover.

We will now be working with the 16×18 inch fabric to make the IV Cover. Working with the wrong side facing up, iron a 1 inch hem on both the top and bottom.

As shown in the photo above the hem is made on top and bottom of the fabric which still is 18 inches wide. Next roll the hem under and give it a half inch finish , rolling the hem helps prevent the fraying that sometimes happens after washing. See photo below for an example of rolling the hem. That may not be the right term but it’s what I call it.

Sew your hemmed sides with a 1/4 inch seam allowance which will seal that hem. Once that is done, fold the fabric with right sides together matching the unfinished seams. Sew those unfinished seams together and press seams open.

Here is the finished tube for the IV Cover. Seams are ironed open and you ready for the last sewing portion of the cover.

I like to sew the seams open, this is a step that I recommend as it strengthens that location. Here is a photo of it in the machine so it makes sense. Do this for both the top and bottom.

Now you can turn out the tube and give it a good pressing with your iron. We will be adding the hardware to the tube clip and IV Bag Cover. You will still need your machine to secure the clips for the tube clip set.

I prefer KAMSnaps for clips and snaps. They are very sturdy and great for everyday use. Grab your snaps, clips and all hardware and get ready to add them to your set.

Here is your set all nicely pressed and ready for hardware. Let’s start with tube clips. Grab a clip that matches your fabric.

Slip your clip on your fabric at the halfway point and sew as close as you can to the clip. As you can see with the bottom clip, I sewed a few times over the fabric back and forth to strengthen that seam. Do the same for the second tube clip.

We will now add the snaps to all of items. Your sewing portion is done once the tube clips are set on the tubes of fabric.

For the tube clips I like to have one with one snap and another with two. It gives the user various options to keep tubes organized.

I add the snaps on the IV Cover at least 1/2 inch down from the top and 1 1/2 to 2 inches from each side. When the IV Bag is full the cover will hold nicely.

Here you see the bag hanging not from the cover but from the IV bag itself, which is the prefered way to use this. The cover is only there to help prevent IV anxiety but also make the use of an IV less medical. In the second photo, you see how the bottom is open and can be rolled up to expose the tubes and bottom of bag. Tube clips keep the tubing from being snagged or pulled when in use.

Here is the finished set. Fairly easy and if you have all your materials handy it can take less than 20 minutes to make a full set. These are great for anyone who has to do IV treatment at home or those who have IV anxiety.

Please feel free to contact me about any of the steps, remember I am not a seamstress and I kinda made this up as I went along when I first started making them.