IV Bag Cover

Many chronically ill people spend time in the hospital for treatments but they also need home treatments to stay healthy. Having an IV bag hanging can sometimes cause anxiety or apprehension to treatment. Many people use a towel or tee shirt to cover the IV bag, or anything they have handy.  I am offering to make an IV bag cover that can slip over the bag through the opening but still be able to get to the bag as shown in the photo below. These covers can be rolled up from the bottom if needed and taken with you when traveling as well.

2018-03-24 22.14.09.pngStandard IV Cover

I also make insulated feed bag covers to help maintain a good temperature of liquids. Feed bag covers are lined with flannel and the cover is a cotton fabric, in the middle of those two layers is an insulating material that will keep your liquid feed colder longer.

2019-02-01 14.08.05-2
Insulated Feeding Bag Cover

**NOTE: There is a $6 fee for standard covers and a $12 fee for insulated covers. This fee helps pay for materials, shipping is not included in this fee. They can take up to 6 weeks to ship.**