Items I Offer

There are fees associated for each requested item which are used to help cover costs of materials and postage. We do all we can to keep these fees as low as possible. Please note that the fee does not include the cost of shipping, that will be added in during the invoicing stage. The fees do not affect the Smiles in the Mail or Birthday Card Programs.

Donations for postage can be made by clicking HERE

You deserve a smile. Get one delivered in your mailbox each month by clicking here.

Birthdays should not be forgotten, get a birthday card each year by clicking here.

Port pillows for anyone with central line or port a cath can request them here

Tube clips help hold any tubing from becoming tangled or pulled. Request one here.

Anxiety loveys help refocus anxiety. You can request one here.

IV Bag covers help ease some of the apprehension of IV usage. Insulated covers help keep feeds cool. Request one here.

Syringe Roll Up Holder can keep your syringes in a neat and orderly fashion for day to day use and especially when traveling. Request one here.

Farrell bag covers can keep your bag from feeling so medical looking. It’s a way to keep some of the anxiety of using it at bay. You can request yours here.

Insulated TPN covers help keep your solution safe from temperature fluctuations and secured in this personalized cover. Request yours here.


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