How You Can Help


I get asked all the time, how can I help?  What can I do to give back. There are so many ways that you can that only take a bit of time.  There isn’t a time frame for these things to be done, each month items get made and sent out to anyone who is in need. A majority of the handmade items made by PIFB and volunteers get sent out to Walter Reed Medical Center, the remaining go to Veterans, military families and anyone battling illnesses or disease.

Donations for postage or to keep PIFB going are always welcome. You can donate via PayPal HERE.

You can make or sign Get Well Cards or Cards of Encouragement for patients at Walter Reed Medical Center.  Mail items to me or if local, find me on social media so that we can set up a time for me to pick them up.  Patients at Walter Reed Medical Center can be active duty military member, veteran or their family. That means you can’t be specific but you can say something like get well, feel better, etc. then sign your name. I will add that note to each item so they not only get something handmade but they get a note from you. Click HERE for more information.

You can send any fabrics, unused crafting supplies or stationary so that I can use it to keep things going. Assistance with postage is always welcomed as well. If you want to learn to sew to help with making & creating items contact me so we can set up a date & time.


Anita Herrada-Johnson
M/F Paying It Forward Beading
149 Eulon Loop
Raeford NC 28376

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