Craft Studio Build

In early October we started paperwork to begin a build in our back yard for a barn style structure that we will run the nonprofit out of.  A studio will allow me to have hours of operation so that my doors can be open to anyone who wants to craft, volunteer or just talk. Currently we have to meet somewhere or schedule a time in hopes of it all being able to work out. Or if crafting, I have to load what is needed in my car and travel somewhere. Many times I have left something behind that required me to return home to fetch the items or just hope we could finish projects without. Often times, I would have to go home.

This structure will allow me to have my doors opened to anyone wanting to craft, create, volunteer or just stop by. Donation drop offs will be easier as will showing off what I do for others.

Sewing machines will be set up for immediate use, classes to learn how to make things will be available 5 days a week.  A group of 4 can come by to help with Walter Reed items or learn a craft skill.

Here is the current look of the studio. We have a long ways to go but glad to see the progress being made.

2018-11-22 13.38.42.jpg

Here are some photos of the inside as it stands. It is a 12×12 structure with an 8 foot work bench already built in. The sewing machines will be placed there. The loft will hold all extra items, which is awesome as storage is always an issue.

2018-11-17 14.20.302018-11-17 14.20.482018-11-17 14.20.51

We are unable to finish wiring the studio for power and close up the walls due to a limited budget. Costs were more than we projected and now we cannot move forward because the wiring has to be done before walls can be closed up.

We are asking for help to complete the build. We have a certified electrician that can do the wiring, but the costs is more than we expected. A GoFundMe has been started if you want to help with the costs, link is below.

If you are local to the area and want to help, please reach out to us by using the contact form below.