Anxiety Lovey


2018-09-20 10.55.32.jpg

I am making anxiety loveys for anyone suffering from anxiety. When I have an anxiety attack or just start feeling anxious I tend to hold on to something that helps me relax. Early on it use to be a handkerchief, now its just something I can associate with the safe feeling, something from home.  These objects are known as Comfort Objects.

Some people use jewelry, bags or even rocks that are kept in their pockets. A comfort object can be anything that eases the anxiety and allows you to focus on it and not the anxiety.

So as I was doing some research for myself about comfort objects I thought that maybe I could provide something to those who suffer from anxiety.  When I was able to buy a lot of flannel and had no idea what I was going to do with it, the idea dawned on me to create Anxiety/Comfort Loveys for people. These loveys are about the size of a sheet of paper, not too big but not too small either. Just a bit of a distraction from the anxiety that you can use as a focus object.

Soft cotton flannel and smooth cotton fabric is a great contrast of textures that can be used as a soothing tool. This lovey can become something you use when your anxiety ramps up and will move your mind’s focus away from the anxious thoughts and feelings to the lovey. Your thoughts are refocused and your anxiety can decrease. It is a great tool when battling anxiety.

Item will only be made for individuals, not mass produced for organizations. They are for personal use only.

You can order by filling out the information below. Donations are appreciated but not required. 

**NOTE: There could be a charge for shipping if you need the anxiety lovey immediately, they currently take up to 6 weeks to ship.**



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