What caused the bruise

Early on in my military career, I started to experience an all over body pain that would not go away. Told myself it was all the activity I was doing because at that time I was running a lot, at least a couple miles in the morning and again in the evening. Running was my way of relaxing and of course exercising.

The pains got bad enough that it was a challenge to do a warm up without crying, until finally I just stopped all together. Thinking this would be a break so I could recover from whatever was causing these pains. A week turned into months and then one day I realized it was over a year since I stopped. Pains never ended, there were ebbs and flows from it but never really went away.

Fast forward about 20 years and here I am, almost 46 and I know it was the Fibromyalgia that caused the initial pains. You have heard me describe how the pains take over my every waking moment and how I adjust, but this is not about the pains. It is about the bruises. Yes y’all, the mystery bruises that show up everywhere. Sure I fall and bump a lot of things, heck I have tripped over my own feet and hit the floor almost every day but I am talking about these unexplained bruises on my shoulders, arms, back, legs.

Many who battle fibromyalgia or fibro, have skin sensitivity. There is a post or two about that as well and with that skin sensitity our clothing can cause bruising. Not a bumped my leg on a table bruise but the bruising from carrying a heavy bag on the shoulder.

Yesterday, I wore a tank top that feels great on my skin but has some hot spots, mostly around the shoulder and neck. Guess what y’all?! When I happened to look in the mirror later that night, I had bruises all around my shoulder area where that tank had rubbed my skin. My whole body hurt yesterday and I hardly ever look at myself in the mirror, so I did not notice the bruising.

I couldn’t get a great photo of my whole back, neck and shoulder areas but here is a glimpse of what it looks like. The tank left bruising all around that area of my shoulder and neck. It is a bit tender, but I really thought it was the weather that brought on extra pains. Y’all it was my clothing.

Each day I have to be sure that what I wear does not hurt because of the skin sensitivity especially when I am in a high state of pain, it can get really bad. I chose a loose tank top and my favorite yoga pants. I have four yoga pants I cycle through and a handful of shirts that are easy to wear. The tank top is not one I rotate through but my skin was on fire and it felt okay when I dressed for the day.

These types of rubbing style bruises show up around my calves, my ankles even waist because of the leggins or socks I wear. Then there are times I wear a tank top and this happens.

Bruises are not uncommon for anyone, but someone with fibro we get surprised because it was caused by clothing. That is it y’all, a piece of clothing bruised our body because of how sensitive it gets.

When battling a flare up, everything hurts and I am battling one at the moment thanks to the amazing North Carolina weather we are having. The hot spots on the tank I wore has bruised my body, so today I am having to watch over it because it can get worse and become irritated.

Just another one of those things that not everyone knows about and maybe as someone who battles fibro never understood where the bruise came from. This has happened a lot over the years to me. No more bras for this gal because those always caused bruising, so its build in tanks with bra shelf or just a tank under my tee. These are the kinds of things not many think about early on in diagnosis.

Anyone else get bruises from clothing? How to do combat it?

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