The Hoodie

Last night on social media I posted about the costochondritis flare up I was having and that the hoodie I was wearing is the only one I own. Was not expecting to get so many messages about it.

Yes y’all I only own one hoodie even though I have purchased a lot over the years. Why is it then that I only truly own one? Skin sensitivity. That is it y’all. As many of you know, I have fibromyalgia, which can cause some skin sensitivity. If I buy a hoodie, I wear it for a few days, it gets washed like other clothing and then over the course of a few weeks the texture changes. It gets some rough spots in the sleeves or chest area, it begins to bother me when I wear it. It then gets given to someone in the house or donated.

For some reason, the 22 Until Valhalla hoodie that I bought a few years ago is the only one that has not changed after repeated washes and uses. There are no rough spots or bothersome spots on it. Once I know the hoodie passes the test I cut the fabric around the throat because I cannot tolerate a high neckline on clothing, it makes me pukey y’all.

This is similar to a lot of clothing I buy, which is why you may see me on social media wearing the same clothes a lot. If I know a pair of pants will not change in texture, I go back and buy a few of the same pants, same for yoga pants, shirts and socks.

Thank you all for the offers of sending me hoodies. It is not something you need to do since I am not sure my skin will tolerate it. Many of the hoodies or shirts that get sent to me by family or friends often are given to the kids if they do not pass the skin test.

Many people with chronic illness have skin sensitivity issues, some because of the illness and others because of medications. Whatever the reason for the skin to become irritated by clothing, it is very bothersome.

Now that it is sweater weather here in NC, I wear the hoodie all the time y’all.

2019-10-16 13.05.25

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