I love reading or hearing people tell me about their family relationships or how they grew up. While many of us had rocky childhoods, those who share part of their family have some amazing memories.

My childhood wasn’t great, there are some bright spots in there and I hold onto those memories as best as I can. That is all I have though, memories. Mementos are non existent. Yet the memory of me wishing for them as a child is there. How I wanted a hope chest or keepsake box to hold all of my dreams and trinkets. In all the books I would read the characters had them and I would picture them all in my mind.

I could put notes and found items in there, with a little keepsake note so that I can always remember that item or event. Over the years I would be able to look through all the amazing items collected over the years and just reminisce.

This is something that never happened and then when I was old enough to buy things for myself, it became something that just faded with so many other hopes and dreams.

Today I went to visit my friend Etelka, it’s her birthday and she came by to invite me over. She just lives a few houses down at the end of the loop. I am not feeling well but I wanted to give her a gift I made for her and so off I went. We visited for a while, laughing and chatting. She was making some foods for her family that will be coming by this evening. As I was getting ready to leave she asked if I wanted this box, maybe I could use it for my sewing. You know me, never one to pass up a sewing item lol. As she showed the box to me I just fell in love with it.

2018-11-19 14.14.22.jpg

Once I got home and got to cleaning it up, I remembered my little dream of having a keepsake box or hope chest. Going through the cleaning and selecting the fabric for the tops, I told my husband what I wanted to use it for. It brought back all the memories of when I was a child, wanting something like this. While it is too small for a hope chest, a keepsake box is what I intend it to be. All the amazing gifts and trinkets I get from friends and adopted family will now have a home. I can sift through the amazing gifts and feel the love. Maybe when I am older and have more grandchildren I can sit there with them as we go through the box. A tradition I have always pictured others having, going through keepsake boxes with family.

This little box has been cleaned up and new fabric has been put on the top. It is ready for me to start putting in my gifts, my little notes and trinkets I get. I know that this is something that I will hold onto for as long as I live. I even have a small red toolbox that replaced one that was taken from me so many years ago that will be the first item inside. Thank you for that Ms Vicki.

I am no longer a child holding on to memories or hoping to mend broken relationships. I am a woman building my own memories and creating traditions for my children and their children to keep going.

Here is the new keepsake box for me to start filling up. Thank you Etelka!

2018-11-19 15.01.25

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