Skin sensitivity

One thing i have found with my battle with Fibromyalgia is that nothing prepares you for living with it. Symptoms manifest differently for everyone, over the past few months the skin sensitivity has become increasingly worse.

There was already some issues with clothing and I had made those adjustments. Any clothing with large seams or heavy seams, pants that binds around the waist and anything that pushes on the shoulders or back will hurt to wear.  Sadly that is most clothing!! Undergarments are especially tough.

This type of sensitivity is called Allodynia and can sometimes be described as a burning sensation. This is due to the malfunction of nerves and they become aggravated and register the sensations as pain. There are medications that you can take that will help alleviate some of the symptoms but also help those nerves settle down and ease some of the pains.

When I am not having to go out into the world you will generally find me with my hair in a bun high on my head to keep hair from touching my neck, a wide strapped tank top and yoga pants. These types of clothing do not hurt as much. The yoga pants are high waisted because my waist is super sensitive. I do not wear regular bras but wear sports bras that have wide straps and back, panties are almost always a no-go. I know not a topic you want to hear but come on, someone needs this information. I needed it and did not find anyone willing to share. Button up pants are almost always a problem for me, due to my pudginess lol the belt area is always hurting my waist.

If I am going to be out at events or something like that I will wear compression garments. Not to hold in the bulges but to spread the pressure around most of my body and not cause more pains than I am already feeling.

Wearing shoes is another problem for me as well. Doc said I needed to wear shoes to help with the foot and leg pains but wearing socks and shoes really hurts worse than the foot and leg pains. So I do not wear them as often as advised. It is a balancing act, try to find a way to not cause more pains to  yourself so that you can continue to live your life. This is what I do to live mine.

If you are ever in my home you will see lots of pillows and throw blankets all over the place. That is my fault, some fabrics just hurt to sit on. Having different blanket and pillow textures help me relax. What doesn’t hurt me today could be hurting tomorrow. Same goes for covers on the bed, there are times I have to sleep on top of covers because it just hurts too much.

Any extra touching of the skin hurts, even hugs or any rubbing. I get asked why I don’t get massages for the muscle pains and well imagine your body on fire while someone massaging those burns. It is PAINFUL and not worth the trouble. I have tried.

This topic can go on and on and on and on lol but let me just say that everyday I have to go through a few tops and bottoms to find the one that is less painful. There is this kimono jacket that I got years ago that was my go to cover, now it hurts too much. I love that thing. My clothes are the same shirt and pants in various colors because that is the ONE item that feels good on my skin. It is a tough issue to have, even harder to live with. If you know anyone with skin sensitivity please do not assume they are being distant if they don’t hug you or wear that sweater you bought them for Christmas. It could be painful, that’s all.

This isn’t just about clothing either, we could have sensitivity to light and temperature changes. There are days I love my heat pad, other days I want to kill it. Showers are especially tough, do not get me started on that!

I get tired having to go through various articles of clothing because of this. Tired of having to go find something new because my old clothing doesn’t feel as good as before.3

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