Spread kindness

Some days I miss reading news in the newspapers, really do. During the current day and age most printed news is no longer NEW since you can read articles online as soon as they are published. The reason I miss reading the paper is the commentary by those on social media about those articles or photos being share.

Why is it that a photo or article showing kindness has to have so much negative and hatred? Can we not even enjoy the reason for someone sharing? It is very bothersome to me that so many are willing to jump online and just spread hatred or negativity.

So many of us want to show kindness, spread the love and give smiles in any way we can, it is something I choose to do everyday. Yet others choose the complete opposite.

Anyone with a keyboard can easily diminish the good that people want to do.  They can sit in the comfort of their homes while those of us trying to do more for others are out there making a different. The negativity these keyboard warriors as my kids call them can break a person and their giving spirit. It is hard enough as it is to do good without being criticize and now if you share it, the negative people can cause you more trouble than anyone can imagine.

You are probably reading this wondering why I am writing about it, well it is because while I was sharing some patriotic heartwarming posts yesterday I was reported for inappropriate messages on social media. As a matter of fact I am still locked out of some of those accounts.

What were the offensive messages?? Taps being played at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. WHAT?!?!  The other flagged post was about me helping an elderly homeless couple. Apparently, I offended someone by sharing. For a single person nonprofit, it hurts my reach to be blocked. How can I communicate with the people who I want to help though PTSD and suicide? Each morning I can spend a good couple hours online with Veterans & their loved ones communicating with them. Checking on them and letting them know how much they matter.

It use to be that if you didn’t want to read something you just skipped it, use to be that if you didn’t care about helping others you just didn’t do it. Now you can practically shut someone down and hurt them by flagging their posts and page.

Spread kindness, stop the spreading of hatred and negativity.  We have enough of that already why continue to spread that around? So many feel as if good people are rare, it is not true!!! There are so many doing great things but are being held back by those who flag and report them as inappropriate.

What is it that they fear? How can sharing good stories or kindness be something that makes you afraid? Why are you attempting to stop the love?

These things frustrate me but it will not stop me, it merely becomes more fuel for me to use in my mission to help others.

2018-04-18 08.53.25

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