PTSD Friendly Salon

I wish there were PTSD/anxiety friendly salons. It’s been over five years since I have had a mani/pedi and a few years since I have had a haircut.  Don’t think people truly understand how hard it is for some PTSDers to do this. I want my hair cut, it needs it badly. My hands and feet need some love too lol.
Self care is hard for me and many others. Most salons feel like I am in a fishbowl. Being watched by so many because it’s just so open.  Throw in the fact that those places in my safe zone are all fishbowl type places.  There has to be a way for someone as messed up as me can get things done.

This is what I posted yesterday on my social media sites. Many others did not realize that this was an issue. It really is. Not everyone is comfortable outside of their safe zones yet we thrive within it. I have made contact with some places to see about coming in before they open or a time they are not too busy, but many are asking for the price of service to accommodate me. That is not something I can afford.

I am sure there are other people out there with the same issues, maybe not medically but the issue of finding self care locations that are able to accommodate the uniqueness of what we each have going on.

If you are in the business of hair and nails, let people know you are willing to work with them. Maybe put that on your social media sites. Thankfully I was given a name of someone who will be able to get me seen and taken care of. I hope to see her within the next few weeks, gotta wait til the VA pays me lol but I am so thankful to know there is someone there willing to work with me.

Thank you so much to my social media followers for the suggestions and comments. I would not be as far along as I am without each of your help.


2 thoughts on “PTSD Friendly Salon”

  1. Hello ! I am looking to start up a PTSD friendly salon in my current state. I definitely agree with you and I battle from anxiety myself. Improving our self image and how we view ourselves when we are going through this is very important. I’d love to collaborate with you in some way. I am still in the planning stages but this is most definitely my end goal. I hope to hear from you soon and stay safe in this time of need xoxo


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