fatigue and exhaustion

There are days I can get up and be so ready to start the day regardless of the pain levels. Feeling like I can actually do things, maybe not everything I want but things that may have been on the back burner for the longest time.

Maybe one or two items get taken care of and they are good for a while. Then it hits, the wall, the huge flipping wall that smacks ya down. This happens way too often to me, it’s the fatigue and exhaustion. I have blogged about this a lot over the years and yet it is something that anyone not suffering from a chronic issue does not understand.

We are not lazy, not just fat or don’t get enough exercise or eat enough greens. I have heard it all.
‘Just go sit outside for a while and get that sun girl! You will feel a lot better.’
‘If you spent just an hour or so in the gym, maybe you won’t feel so tired.’
‘Are you eating enough fiber and greens?? Because you know that helps a lot.’

OH if only the issues can be cured with exercise, foods and sun. Don’t you think maybe I have tried it already? Can I exercise more, sure. Try walking on feet that no matter what you do, feel like you are walking on tacks and pins. Yes y’all it actually feels like that no matter what, ohhh and toss in the bone spurs and broken toes that just materialized to mess with me. I can take some pain but not this much at every single step.
Eating….well there are days my stomach will only let me have water and crackers. What do you think that does to my energy levels?
Hmmm sitting outside in the sun…I actually like doing that lol but it does not recharge my batteries.

It is just fatigue, exhaustion and feeling like I need to lay down in order to do the smallest of tasks that makes it so horrible. It is a pain in the ass, yes resting is necessary but this is not resting. When you are unable to do anything because you are so tired it becomes an issue. Resting makes you feel better over time, when you are in the exhaustion & fatigue mode you do not feel better after laying down.

How can chronically ill people begin to get any help when hardly anyone believes in the battles being fought? How can you look at someone struggling with living a ‘normal’ life and tell them they only need to try harder?

This feeling comes and goes. Lately it comes more than goes lol but I deal with it. If you love someone who battles fatigue, don’t just assume they are lazy. Find a way to help them out with things they cannot get done. Offer to help with a meal, just sitting with them and letting them know you are there is HUGE.

If you are the one battling, allow others to help you. Do not feel guilty (yeah its hard, I know) about asking for that help. Take the time to get back to your normal, not the one others try to put on you.

Now I am going to lay down on the couch and try to read. This is a busy month, I am going to rest when I can so that I can continue to give back. So that I can keep bringing awareness to PTSD and the oh so many issues our Military and Veterans face. That is my purpose, these days of exhaustion and fatigue will make me slow down but they will not stop me.


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