I am resting

During my last doctor visit for the increased pains and aches in my whole body I was told to rest. Stay off my feet, limit use of my arms & hands and just rest. This is especially hard to do as a house wife, homeschool mom and manager of my nonprofit.

Who is going to craft all the items needed for Walter Reed and those requesting items to ease their comfort? Who is going to do our homeschooling lessons? And who will do the house chores? Yes, the kids and my hubby can help. They always do, but can I really sit back and just let things go undone??

The answer to that is yes. Sure I am still doing things, still on my feet but I know it is a lot less than before. Projects are not all getting done as fast as they normally do but they are getting done.

When I chose to take a more natural & holistic approach to healing and dealing with all the medical conditions, the doctors were not happy. Over the years they are seeing how dedicated I am to this way of life. Now when I go they are not offering the pain medications or other pills to ease things going on, they offer natural remedies and practices.

Resting is a huge part of my recovery, a large part at getting myself back on track and therefore it is something I am making a huge attempt to abide by. I can still work from the couch or bed, but limiting the use of my hands & arms has been tough. Really can say that so many things are not being done because I am limiting their use and with that the pains and aches are a lot more manageable.

The next few weeks into next month I have lots of appointments to do xrays, scans and testing to get an idea of where my body is from the last time these were all done. That baseline from a few years ago along with these new results will give the docs a good idea as to what is happening with my body.

We are all battling something, we are all fighting a demon that many cannot see. During the most difficult of time we just have to know that our support system is doing all they can to help keep us safe and help us deal with the pains.

Thank you all for your continued support and encouragement. Your kindness gives me the strength and push I need to keep going.

2018-03-04 17.21.51.jpg

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