Who is PIFB?

I get asked all the time where my shop is located or who works with me and when I tell them there is no shop or a group of people they are always shocked.

This is where I do 90% of my work. Sitting in that little folding chair. Sometimes I have a small card table out for more space and this is right at the entry to our home. When I am in full craft mode I take over the whole living room. There are craft stashes all over the house since I don’t have a room, this is just a wall. In the future I hope to have an actual shop to work out of but for now this is it.
I am Paying It Forward Beading, just me. Sure my husband and children help with some items but for the most part it’s just me.

2018-01-23 15.30.06

And…this is me, yes I am a total goofball who just laughs at myself and most situations I get myself into. This is the face of PTSD, depression, anxiety and suicidal ideations. Not what most people expect but that is why I share this journey. Not all who suffer from mental illness fit that picture. We aren’t always crying and sad. This isn’t what people expect from someone with chronic pains, someone with fibromyalgia and other physical issues.
2016-12-31 21.57.15
These are my guys Cam, Jay & my husband Ash. They help me with a lot of prep work as well as most set up and tear down on my big crafting days. So much more help behind the scenes of what I do and I do know that without their help and support I would not get everything done. 2017-08-26 18.19.54-1
My oldest son Michael with his family. Aaliyah and Adrian, who we love and miss so much. They support my effort and keep me going. They provide me the extra push and encouragement to get out of bed each day, to do more and to give back. I am so thankful for them. 22522537_1559259274148189_1910503626_o


So while there isn’t a shop or huge area that I use to get all the things done, there are a good core group of people who support me, my family. Then there are all my friends locally and all over the world who give me all the encouragement and support that I could ever need. Each of you are so important and many have been with me since Paying It Forward Beading launched in 2012.

There are the people who get each handmade item and know that someone cared enough for them to make something special.

I am just an ordinary person doing some crafty things. Just someone who wants to give back and let people know that they matter.



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