Here we are again with our daily question and me giving you my answer. I got asked yesterday in an email what I am using for this and it is Tami Taylor 365 Questions. Do a search on it and you will find the information you need.

Today’s question is ‘What was your last major accomplishment?’ I have no idea how to answer that. No idea what would be considered a ‘major accomplishment’ in my life, but thinking it over all day I think I have the answer for it

The last major accomplishment was retiring after 20 years of honorable active duty military service in the United States Air Force as a Master Sergeant.  I never thought I would live to adulthood, never thought a Texas gal that no one cared much about could travel the world, meet a great number of people and serve with some of the best our military has to offer. Never thought I would look into the eyes of a parent and tell them their child was gone and there was nothing I could do to ease the pains of that loss. Never thought I would attend so many funerals and watch the flag be presented to the family of those left behind. Didn’t think I would see someone at morning chow then hear they were lost to an IED by lunchtime. In those years serving it changed my heart and mind to become so patriotic that no matter how many times the National Anthem plays, tears spring to my eyes. Seeing the American Flag flying proudly warms my heart in ways that not many will ever understand because it flies proudly honoring those who have given their lives to defend this nation.

Never thought I would watch babies being born to families of my troops over those 20 years. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would have touched the lives of those I served with the way they tell me I did. Do you know how many men & women I was able to share the joyous announcement of promotion and later that year watch them grow in grade and maturation?? In my 20 years of service I was able to see someone so unsure of themselves that they would cry in the latrine, find their strength and be THE ONLY ONE who was coined for Outstanding Performer during a major inspection.  Watching a troop grow to become more than he ever thought because he was told he had no fall back plan.

Watching my son, my first born choose to serve in the United States Army and tell me after two years his goal is to match my rank or beat it. He got me right in the feels with that one. Damn onion cutting ninjas!

Okay so maybe I do know what that major accomplishment is, it was serving proudly with some of the BEST our nation has to offer, serving with Heroes.


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