Still on the hunt for a good journal to use in my writing so here I am again sharing my thoughts with you. Today’s journal prompt is: What is your best memory of last year?

I looked at this question earlier and still have yet to pin point what my best memory from last year. So many good things happened and I learned an amazing craft. Guess if I had to choose a memory, it would be the memory of making all the great things to be given away.  Each of those items was like a bit of therapy for me, allowed me to get better and work on the PTSD, anxiety & depression.

Knowing those items made someone smile and brightened their day is worth all the effort. Most of the day to day memories are about crafting and creating. Things I can easily remember are about paying it forward and giving back. Having my husband or kids helping me with things or helping someone else craft.

Having some memory issues, it makes it hard to remember some of the good things. Things that aren’t done over and over again get lost in the shuffle of the day. So a lot of conversations with kids, friends and hubby are within the crafting memories.

So tell me, what is your best memory of last year??


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