Are you content?

Until i find a good journal to use for my daily writing, this is where i will share my thoughts. It will give you an idea of how my mind works. HINT: it doesn’t work very well.

Today’s writing prompt is ‘Are you content?’

First let’s define content, the definition of content is satisfied or in a state of peaceful happiness.

Am I content? Am I satisfied with me? Am I in a state of peaceful happiness? That is a hard question because my knee jerk answer would be YES I AM. To be content in a moment, content in life? Which is it? In life, I am thankful for all that family & friends are still with me, blessed for them. Blessed for my family, freedom and LIFE. There are moments that the answer is OH HELL NO! lol I think everyone has those moments right?

Over all, I am totally content. When thinking about where I am and what I have, being satisfied is what I am. That doesn’t mean I won’t strive for more, that I will settle for less that what I know I deserve.  You better believe that I won’t settle for less from friends or family.

Everyday will push me to do more than what I did yesterday, so while I am satisfied or content with things I am striving for more.  I can honestly say that I haven’t felt at peace with myself or happy with where I am for years of my life. That has really changed, there are more good days than bad.

We can all sit down and find the bad in life. Not enough money, house maintenance needs done, and so on and so on. On the same note we can also find the good in life. We woke up today! That’s a big one right there lol. We have people around us who love & support us. People who will do anything for us. We have LOVE! and we have each other.

Ask yourself this….are you content??


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