there was a time I use to journal everyday,  sometimes a couple times a day.  over time that went away and crafting became my outlet. 

this year I want to get back to journaling.  sadly I haven’t found the journal I want to use because I want to use certain inks that don’t bleed and run through it all.  so for now i will post my journal thoughts here.  

today’s journal prompt is ‘what are you grateful for? ‘ 

I am grateful for life.  without it where then I would not exist.  would not be able to give back to people or pay it forward.  wouldn’t be able to enjoy my husband and kids or watch my grandson grow.  without life I couldn’t spend time with you all and I could not craft.  

within the life I live I am able to be grateful for more.  so it kinda covers a lot ya know. 

there were times I wanted to give up and let my family keep going without the burden of me.  was very close to giving up and just letting go.  thankfully I held on.  

having life allows me to honor those who have lost their battle with PTSD and other mental illnesses.  it allows me to honor those whose lives were cut short by war and crime.  

today and always I am thankful for life.  

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