Things begin to settle then BOOM

for me as a person with PTSD, depression and anxiety there are certain things i do that keep me from feeling overwhelmed or out of control. some could say its a bit of an OCD issue but whatever it works for me. its a comfortable feeling, knowing there is a form of control over the day to day. its a comfortable feeling that things are going well and so when anything changes things tend to go bad all over.

we had a recent change in our home life that kinda tossed everything up in the air. there was a huge increase in anxiety and feeling of being overwhelmed with the what ifs. it took me a while and actually all of us a bit to finally figure out that while it was a huge change, we can manage it.

when you have someone with anxiety, depression and/or PTSD then something changes in their day to day, help them with finding that steady ground again. changes are HUGE triggers to some PTSDers. i know it is for me, unexpected changes that is. there are times that changes we make do cause some disruption but we are making the changes so its not a feeling of overwhelming loss of control.

its the holiday season, this change rocked me a bit. i got scared because of the what ifs and my mind was racing with what this would mean for our family and for PIFB. there are still unknowns and we wont really know how it affects us but for now we are just going with the flow.


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