There is no CURE

i think its irresponsible for anyone to say PTSD or mental health issues have a cure. things can get better and can go through the day without incidents but there is no cure.  i have heard this from a couple of medical professionals when i asked for help years after the diagnosis.

in their opinion, the fact i was functioning at home in the safe zone i created, i was cured. so they didnt see a need for providing care to keep me functioning. just hand me a pamphlet and thank you for coming by.  its hit or miss with opinions like that so it is one of the reasons i dont go asking for help very often.

there are people who are suppose to help that also say just get over it. you can only imagine why people take their lives or just give up when faced with someones personal opinion when they are suppose to help you.

thats why many PTSDers and people who suffer from other mental health issues choose to find a way to make their lives easier outside of the medical world. i craft, blog, share and do what i can to show you that i am still worthy of being here. others do outreach, fitness challenges, baking, wood work, etc.

doing things outside of the medical world provides us the freedom of being ourselves and not being judged. you cant just stop any and all medical intervention, that is not what i am saying.  there are other ways of combating the demons within. look for people in your community, find people online that understand this issue.

a majority of my support comes from online support. my husband and kids provide the day to day personal support which is HUGE. keeps me going.

dont give up, dont allow someone else’s opinion make you feel less than you are. i am here so you message, call or email.

while there isnt a cure, there is hope. it wont be easy but it will be worth it.

2017-01-30 20.07.37

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