She is beautifully fierce. What more is there to say? Oh lots more lol because she is an amazing friend. I have to remember that when I speak of her its all in past tense. WAS not IS.

While she was not the veteran with PTSD, she loved and was married to him. So many people think Secondary PTSD isn’t real. Hell people still think PTSD isn’t real. All of it is so very real, ask those who suffer from it and love us. Our caregivers live through the horrors of watching us deal with it all. They see us change, see us battle that invisible demon, and sometimes they see us lose to that damn PTSD demon.

Curt battled, he fought hard and he fought long. He did what he could and Em helped him. I remember her letters telling me how things were tough but they always made it through.

There are a lot of Curt & Em’s all over the place. They are fighters and everyday battle together. My husband and I are like them. Some days we win, other days we lose.

What we have to remember is that we are not alone in this battle. Our loved ones, our spouses, parents and families fight alongside us.  It is a tough battle and while it feels like we fight alone, we don’t.

I sometimes feel alone in the battle, feel alone in the sadness, anxiety and depression. Then I take just a moment to look around my workspace, my home and on my page. It’s then that I remember I am not alone. Neither are you.

Reach out, take care of each other and pay it forward any way you can. If you are suffering call me or anyone, we will be there for you.

2 thoughts on “Em”

  1. I just saw this, thank you for being Em’s friend. You were a safe place for her. YOU mattered to her. Em made sure we knew to contact you and by that I knew you were not just important to her but that you are a special person.

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